Welcome to Hôtel Gargano

Welcome to the Gargano hotel, the flagship of the most beautiful and charming city of the Tavoliere, Manfredonia, called “the door of the Gargano”.

Welcome to the Gargano Hotel
Welcome to the Gargano Hotel

The Gargano is undoubtedly an itinerary of spectacular, incredible chromatic contrasts, and it seems painted by a God who, in the mood for miracles, had fun, with prodigious touches, to distribute colors and dazzling plays of light on the promontory.

And these prodigies of hospitality can be found inside this splendid 4-star hotel, a white jewel on white cliffs, overlooking a cobalt blue sea, where, in the morning, it is the swallows and the sun that wake you up, and at sunset, a horizon to take your breath away!
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